Fibromyalgia tenderness points.

Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS) is very common chronic syndrome causing muscle pain and tenderness of some points usually placed on the shoulders, neck, back, arms, hips, and legs. Those points are very sensitive and painful when touched.
Fibromyalgia is also considered a rheumatic condition.

Causes of this disease are unknown. It usually affects women in middle ages, although it can also affect man. Early symptoms may occur in childhood.

This disease isn't life-threat although it can be difficult to handle if symptoms get worsen. Anyway as many other chronic conditions it can last for a very long time, even lifetime.

There are many symptoms of fibromyalgia so sometimes it's very hard to make diagnose. Those symptoms may include fatigue, skin sensitivity (allodynia), skin tingling, limbs weakness, muscle spasm, nerve pain, sleep disturbances, memory problems (known as "fibro fog"), morning stiffness, headaches, painful menstrual periods. There are many other diseases and disorders that include similar symptoms so it's very easy to misunderstand or unrecognize fibromyalgia.

It is very similar to arthritis but it is not the same (fibromyalgia can not cause damages to joints, muscles or organs), although people with other kind of rheumatic diseases are more likely to develop fibromyalgia. Also people with genetic predispositions are more likely to be affected.
Some scientists believe it also can be stress related.

Fibromyalgia can't be detected with X-rays, blood tests or other similar methods, so its usually diagnosed by symptoms.

There is no specific cure for Fibromyalgia but there are plenty of medications that can allay symptoms such as Analgesics (painkillers), Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines.
Besides medicines there are many other ways to live with this disease such as getting enough sleep, regular exercising, quality diet and lifestyle changes.